How top e-commerce brands generate 30% of their revenue from email

30% of your e-commerce brands revenue should come from email. 

If it doesn’t, then you’re leaving £1000’s in revenue on the table every single month.

Problem is…


Most e-commerce brands email marketing is either terrible or doesn’t exist.


  • No welcome series.  Which means no chance of building rapport and trust with your audience.

  • No abandoned cart funnel.  70% of your customers abandon their checkout.  That's a lot of cash left on the table. 


  • Only sending out emails when you want something.  Like Black Friday or summer sale events.  Not going to work.


  • No automated lead generation system to ensure you’re filling your sales pipeline with qualified potential customers 24/7.


  • No segmentation.  Marketers generate 760% more email revenue from segmented campaigns.  Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time = license to print money.

The savvy e-com brands are going all in on email marketing in 2021. 



3700% ROI

For every £1 spent, email returns £37.  The next highest ROI growth channel returns half that.


Algorithm changes.  Facebook bans.  Amazon account suspensions.  You don't control any of these.  You do control your email database.


78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.  This is predicted to grow in 2021.


In a recent survey, 66% of respondents stated they had made a purchase after clicking on a brands email.  73% of millennials said email was their preferred communication platform. 

Your email marketing strategy... 


Meet Sally.  


A potential customer of yours.


  • Sally clicks on your Facebook ad.  Ending up on your website.


  • She’s not yet ready to buy.  But a pop up appears offering her 10% off in return for her email.  She fills it out.


  • Immediately Sally receives a welcome email from you.  It covers your brand story, why you started, your mission and values.  Trust is being built.  At the bottom is a link to your best selling product.  Sally clicks it.


  • Sally adds this product to her cart and inputs the coupon code before initiating the checkout.  Her phone rings.  Like 70% of your customers Sally abandons her checkout.


  • 1-hour later Sally receives an abandoned cart email from you.  She’s busy at the time so doesn’t do anything with it.


  • Few hours later another email pings through.  It includes more benefits about the products she’s left in her cart.  Sally completes her order.


  • 30-minutes later Sally receives an upsell email from you.  It includes a one time offer.  Sally adds it to her initial order.


  • A week later Sally gets a post purchase email from you asking if she is happy with everything.  She’s never had this level of customer service from other brands before.  She leaves a review.


  • A few days later she receives a broadcast email about your exciting new product launch.  Sally checks it out on your website yet doesn't buy. 

  • Your smart little system notices Sally browsed your new product yet didn't purchase it.  So it fires out a browse abandonment email.  Sally reads the email and buys your new product. 


  • As she's now purchased twice, Sally automatically gets moved into your VIP segmented list.  She gets sent an email offering her 15% off if she subscribes to your monthly subscription plan.  Sally signs up.


  • You now have DATA on Sally.  You know what she likes and how many times she’s purchased.  You can now send her more targeted content and products.  Which results in Sally buying more product from you.


And that’s the strategy I'm executing for brands right now.  


The same strategy top brands like Dollar Shave Club, All Birds, GymShark, Caspers, Apple etc are going all in on. 

How a £1 investment to acquire Sally’s email address, some automated funnels, engaging broadcast emails and segmentations can return £37 minimum.

How emails not only reduce your acquisition costs (because it's free once you've got them on your list) yet they allow you to significantly increase your customers lifetime value. 

Which in e-commerce right now is the aim of the game


So ask yourself…



Is 30% of your revenue coming from email marketing?


Do you have the expertise and time needed to build out the required systems and campaigns to hit that 30% goal?




That’s where I can help.





I’m Tom Reid.

And all I do is help e-commerce brands use email to boost their revenue.


Here’s what I can do for you…



1. Build out your backend email funnel


This includes all of the automated flows, segments and emails.  I'll even teach you how to compile high converting broadcast emails and best practices (or I can do it for you).  At the end of this project your entire email system will be set up and running. 



2. Generate high quality leads


Once the backend is built out you simply need to feed it with leads.  I'll implement this strategy for you, so that you have a constant flow of potential customers running through your newly built email system 24/7.  You simply need to sit back and watch the sales come in. 





All of that takes time and expertise to be built out and executed properly.


And it isn’t done via MailChimp.


But once completed it can run indefinitely on autopilot. 


A machine that pulls leads in, nurtures them, before converting them into customers for life.


A machine that converts your £1 into £37.


A machine that you control and own.


A machine that protects you against single points of failure such as Facebook ad account bans and Amazon suspensions. 



CEO @ Vitamini 

Our email marketing was non-existent before Tom came in and opened our eyes to its potential.  Tom built everything out for us and advised on our content and sales strategies.  Last year 34% of our revenue came from emails and I predict that to grow this year.



Founder @ Dr Trouble

Our biggest problem was getting our customers to purchase multiple times. After putting post purchase and win back email funnels in place, our repeat order rates have increased from 12% to 29%. Cannot praise Tom enough.  

Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 09.30.45.png


Owner @ Morris Living

My products cost £500+.  Which means my customers need lots of information before they are ready to buy.  Tom has built out robust on-boarding funnels that nurtures my leads from cold browsers to buyers.  Email has been the best investment I've made in 2020 in terms of ROI.

Your Guarantee...


If you implement email properly within your e-commerce business then I know it'll be your most profitable marketing channel. 

So confident that if you don't recoup my fee in revenue from email, then I will refund 100% of your money. 

I'm making this completely risk free from your end. 


Next steps...

Click the button below and book in a 15-minute call with me. 

We'll spend a few minutes discussing your brand and where you are at right now. 


I can then explain in more detail about how I can help you with your email marketing, the process, how long it will take, how soon you should start to see results and costs.

You can ask any questions that you may have. 

If you are happy to proceed then we can get started pretty quickly.  If not, then we've both lost 15-minutes of our time (which is no biggy). 

So book your call now, fill out the form and lets see if we can utilise email to generate 30-40% of your annual revenue.