If you’re reading this then we’ve already had a discovery call where we’ve learnt a little bit more about each other.


You now want to know how this whole arrangement works and whether I’m the person you should bring on board to help grow your brand.




How does this work?


You will purchase a block of my time.


This time will then be spent working alongside you on a 1-1 capacity.


The overall goal being to build out strategies that will enable your brand to acquire new customers, maximise the LTV of your existing customers and protect your brand from single points of failure.


There is no cookie cutter template on how this time will be spent, as every brand requires different services. Yet I have outlined below a typical game plan.


Firstly, I will undertake a thorough audit of your existing business. This includes your advertising campaigns, brand assets (website, listings etc). I will also dig into your existing financial KPI’s such as:


  • Monthly turnover vs target monthly turnover

  • Customer acquisition cost

  • Average order value

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Product range

  • Profit margins


This will allow us to determine whether we have a customer acquisition problem or a customer retention problem.


With this information, we will then sit down and plot out a bespoke growth strategy to achieve your goal.


This strategy will be broken up into individual ‘projects’. For example:


Project 1: Increase conversion rate on product listing to 45%.


Action plan:


  1. Undertake thorough keyword research

  2. Compile copy for bullet points and title

  3. Generate infographics and lifestyle images

  4. Compile A+ content

  5. Acquire reviews for social proof


We'll then work closely with you to execute this project. This could be in the form of me doing the work, or simply advising you or your team on how to do it. Whatever works best.


Every project will be plotted out on your own Trello board. This will allow us to track where we are at with each task and monitor our KPI's.


How do we communicate?


Most of my clients like to use Whatsapp as the main form of communication. We can send voice notes, call each other, message etc.


Email, phone calls, Zoom and Skype are other ways we can communicate.


Every client will have their own Trello board breaking down action points, ideas and milestones. Keeps everything in once place.


I’m incredibly flexible. Whatever works for you, works for me. Unless it’s fax or writing letters!


If we are managing your Amazon advertising you will receive a weekly report detailing the performance from the past 7-days. This report will outline our strategy for the forthcoming week. You will also have the option to call your account manager to discuss further.




Benefits of working alongside me?



  • No contracts. You’re simply buying a block of my time. Once that runs out, if you like what you’ve seen, you can buy some more. Dead simple.


  • You will reach your target goal quicker. Instead of spending months trying to figure it all out alone via trial and error, I'll just tell you what does and doesn’t work. You can then take this knowledge and game plan and apply it to future projects. I've worked alongside dozens of CPG sellers and hundreds of Amazon sellers. I know what taps to turn on and which ones to turn off. 


  • You will save money by not making mistakes. Spraying and praying simply wastes bullets. I'll ensure you avoid the common costly pitfalls that trip up most brand owners.


  • You can concentrate on working on growing your business. I'll be doing some of the legwork for you so you can focus on expanding product ranges, tapping into international markets etc.


  • I like to make things fun and interesting. I don’t do this for the money (or though it helps). I do it because I enjoy working alongside innovative brands with cool products that can make a difference. If we’re not having fun on this journey then what’s the point?




How much will this cost?


You will purchase blocks of my time.


5 hours - £700 per month

10 hours - £1000 per month

20 hours - £1700 per month


Payment will be made upfront. You can cancel at anytime. Hours not used in one month can be rolled over into the next. 


Can you guarantee results?


I’m not in the business of turning losers into winners. I help winners win more.


Which means I only work with clients who have a winners mind set yet simply need that extra edge to take things to the next level.


If you’re product is as good as you say it is and there is a mass desire within the market for your product then I can guarantee this…


If you follow through and implement what I tell you then you will get results.


It won’t happen overnight. Yet working alongside each other we will capture market share, acquire more customers, increase the value of your existing customers and protect your brand from single points of failure.


Got any testimonials?


I prefer to show results from live accounts, which you can see on my main page: www.rockpoolconsulting.co.uk


There are some testimonials on there as well from existing clients.


Next steps?


If you like what you see then simply drop me an email – tom@rockpoolconsulting.co.uk


Tell me how many hours you want and I’ll fire over the invoice. Once paid, we’ll then get cracking!