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Meanwhile, find out how I help CPG brands like yours increase sales...

Dear Amazon Seller,


If you sell consumable products and are wondering...


  • How can I increase my average order value?

  • How can I maximise my customers lifetime value?

  • How can I drive more traffic to my product listings?

  • What's the best strategy to acquire more customers?

  • How can I connect with my customers post purchase?

  • How can I profitably scale my brand across the globe?

  • How do I use Amazon advertising to take marketshare?

  • What ingredients are needed to convert more browsers?

Then the below letter is for you. 


Fact is...


You could have the best product on the market.


Something that blows your competition out of the water.


Yet if you don't know how to SELL that product multiple times to the same customer. 


Then your business will fail. 

The two biggest problems consumable brand owners have are...


1.  They struggle to acquire new customers

2.  They don't know how to retain those customers

This prevents your ability to scale. 

Makes your advertising un-profitable. 

And causes roller coaster income. 

Reality is...


If you can't clearly explain how to drive traffic to your listings. How to convert a high proportion of that traffic into customers. Before extracting as much profit out of those customers as possible post purchase...

Then you don't know what you're doing. 

Amazon isn't the same marketplace it was 3-years ago. It's grown and improved.


Yet if you're not evolving with it, then it's time to make some changes. 

Which is where I can help.


I’m Tom Reid. 


I help Amazon sellers with consumable products acquire new customers. I then help build back end systems to maximise those customers lifetime value. 


I've helped over 300 brands. From supplement and pet food companies to coffee and skincare brands. 


And before you think…


‘’Here we go, another course’’.

This is kinda different. 


I work 1-1 with all of my clients.


Basically…you can sit in the background.


Whilst I plot out and execute your acquisition game plan. The blueprint that’ll help you acquire new customers and retain their business. Whilst differentiating your brand from your competition. 


I become a member of your team.


I become invested in your brand. Your story. Your mission. 


And together we’ll make sure you’ve got the skills, strategies and support required to persuade your audience to actually buy your stuff…


Over and over again.


At a price that you deserve. 


Which is the aim of the game, right?


I’ll poke questions.


Prod to find sunken icebergs.


Inject potent ideas that you’ll never have thought about.


Add experienced, thoughtful and an unbiased voice to the conversation to expose risks and minimise loses whilst increasing your profits.


Meaning you won't waste hours cartwheeling around the internet trying to figure it out alone.

Or lose thousands in lost sales and burnt ad spend. 


And instead can concentrate on growing your business.


The kicker?


You're not getting a load of pre-recorded videos to follow. I'm going to be doing this for you. Whilst giving you strategies and tactics discovered from working alongside 7-figure brands. 


So I'm not cheap. 

Yet it's perfect for brands who don't have £100k to splash out on a Chief Marketing Officer. 


Reality is...


If your aim is to build an unshakable, profitable e-commerce brand yet need a conveyor belt of innovative strategies to help you acquire and retain customers, then bringing me on-board will be worth every penny.


As you’ll see from some of the case studies below.


The next steps?


Click the button below and book in your free discovery call.


This call will allow both of us to determine whether I can solve your problems and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. 


If we are, awesome.


If not, no harm done.


Over to you…


Tom Reid


P.S. Unlike most agencies, I don’t do contracts and all of that jazz.


Simple month to month arrangements that can be cancelled with one simple email.


Reduces your risk and makes life easier for both of us.

''£183,000 and £130,000 per month''

''Coffee brand turned £5k into £77k''

''Supplement brand invests £3,778 which returns £22,062''

''Vitamin brand acquires 758 emails at 18p each''

''Hair care brand generates £6,000 extra profit per month''

''Lower conversion rate increased sales''

''Tom's strategies and tactics are really starting to pay off''

I know what you're thinking...

1. What's this going to cost?

Depends how much time you need. 


We have packages to suit all sellers. So if you simply want to connect once a week to brainstorm strategies whilst ensuring your current game plan is on track then we can do that. 

Yet if you need someone to work more closely with you on a daily basis, manage your advertising accounts, write copy, build out full sales funnels etc, then that's going to take up more resources (so will cost more). 

Saying that, I don't have monster overheads like bigger agencies. Which means my fees don't get bulked out to cover tea bags and other office expenses. 

Your best option is to book in a call so we can work out the best plan for your business needs. 

2. Can you manage my Amazon advertising?


You can have a former Amazon employee who worked within the Amazon advertising department to manage your account. 

They literally got taught how to advertise on Amazon by...Amazon. 

We'll manage your entire Amazon PPC campaigns. Monitoring them on a daily basis to ensure you are best placed to achieve your desired goals. 

Allowing you to focus on working on your business, instead of getting lost in the weeds. 

The videos on this page highlight some of the insane results we've generated for our clients. 

3. Are there long term contracts?


You simply buy blocks of my time. 


This allows you to bail out at anytime if you don't think we're pulling our weight.


It also allows me to jump ship if you turn out to be a nightmare client (haha - only joking!). 

4. How often will we communicate?

Whenever you want to. 

I left the 9-5 Monday to Friday game a long time ago. Which means you've got access to me at all hours of the day (within reason). 

Whether it's via email, Zoom, Skype, phone, Whatsapp, carrier pigeon. Whatever method you prefer suits me. 

This flexibility means we can jump onto things pretty quickly. Unlike larger agencies who take their phones off the hook at 5:01pm. 

5. How quickly will I see results? 

Depends how much ground work needs to be put in on your business.

If you've got solid foundations then we can get the fire stoked up pretty fast and will see solid returns quickly.

If however your foundations are built on sand, then we'll need to beef them out first, work on operations, listings, backend etc, before we can pour gasoline on. 

My focus is ensuring my clients businesses are built to last. Real brands that'll be around in years to come. This isn't achieved overnight. 

We can provide more clarity on this during our discovery call. 

6. Who do you work with?

Right now, I'm only working alongside CPG brands. My clients include supplement brands, hair care brands, vitamin brands, coffee companies and beauty businesses.

These brands know the importance of maximising their customers lifetime value and the how Amazon can be tapped into to acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.